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zero4one has been managed by Gürbüz Çömlekçioğlu and is a multidisciplinary freelance creative hub known for its expert implementation of incorporating design, brand identity, photography, cinematography, education, print media, art, exhibition, music, animation, video games, developing apps, and other aspects of production all into one.

It is dedicated to creating interactive storytelling entertainment content for the web, consoles, the PC, Mac, and mobile devices by combining traditional media and new media. By using VR/AR/XR technologies, our productions provide interaction between online platforms and the real world.

Our vision is to combine technology with art and senses, allowing a tremendous experience for audiences of all ages, especially digital media users.

We produce bespoke immersive and interactive solutions by utilizing breakthrough technology in Vr, Ar, Xr, and human-computer interaction. Our mission is to create value for businesses in marketing, employee training, education, production, and more fields.