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5 Talks Tv is a YouTube channel and a multidisciplinary creative animation studio known for its expert implementation of 3D & 2D animation, design, illustration, video games, developing apps and other aspects of production all into one.

Concept: We create fictional interactive contents with current events in the world.

It is dedicated to creating interactive storytelling entertainment content for web, consoles, the PC, Mac and mobile devices by combining traditional media and new media. By using VR/AR/XR technologies, our productions provide an interaction between online platforms and real world.

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Regardless of whether you are individual, corporate or NGO who want to raise awareness on a certain topic, we can create a special YouTube channel for you or embed your brand and products on our most relevant content.

If you have a website, a brand or product you want to promote, we can introduce them to our audience. After an good match between our video content and the product you want to promote, we can advertise for you in the right place.

Would you like to follow the agenda and contribute to the content we create? Let's create fictional videos together by blending all the content produced with current topics. We can produce the most enjoyable and quality content with the grants you provide for us.

You can support us by using funding platforms: Patreon, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Twitch.Tv and so on. We'll share all our links, accounts soon.

Contact us, if you want to promote your own account on social media networks! We can produce content with you with interactive animations.

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